Epix Radio was Introduced in 2013 as
Central Portugal's Only
English Internet Radio Station!!
Based on the 'Silver Coast' our audience was mainly Ex pats and the
Friendly Local Portuguese!
Epix Radio was and still is Run by ....
Mark Langford AKA 'Mark The Spark DJ'
Tracey Packer AKA 'Misty DJ'

Epix Radio was also set up to provide Support to the Un-signed Artists and Groups from all over the UK/Europe/World !!
Their Music and Info was always a feature on the 'Mark The Sparks' Show!
Along with a Team of Dedicated Dj's who would send us their Shows every week we put together a useful radio station Covering
Every Genre of music!

Epix Radio had Sponsorship from Local Companies for a time to help towards the Stations ongoing running costs!
After spending 4 years in Portugal we decided to return to the UK in 2016.
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