Hi I'm Tracey other half to Mark...
 I have always loved music but came to radio quite late in life. I first started with
Costa Calida International Radio in Spain!
always done my Studio Shows 'live' - hiccups and all - but that is what makes it fun !

My All time favourite group is the Bee Gees, but i love a really mixed bag including R & B and i love throwing in the odd girlie show playing all the tracks that the boys hate to air !

As well as running Epix Radio, I was Making the tea, Paperwork, Schedules, Dealing with all the Dj's etc etc and .... Keeping
'Not Quite Awake' Sparky Happy during his
Morning Shows!
I Also produce Recorded Shows for other Radio Stations throughout the World!

You will be listening to the MISTY show!!!
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